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Mma Ramotswe's

twelfth book

The  Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party

      As the countdown finally begins to Mma Makutsi's wedding, all is not as it should be at the Nº1 Ladies'Detective Agency. While investigating unpleasant occurrences on a southern cattle-post, Mma Ramotswe, always on the side of the underdog, has reason to reflect on Rule nº3 of The Principles of Private detection: never lie to the client.

12.The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party

12.The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party

     Outside of the office, there are other troubles: Mma Ramotswe fears she may be hallucinating when she sees her beloved old white van -sent to the junkyard long ago- trundling around the city again; one of the apprentice mechanics at Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors appears to have run off to avoid certain crucial responsibilities; and Mma Makutsi's nemesis Violet Sephotho is casting her net wider and standing for election to Parliament, which could spell trouble for the entire nation.

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